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URBAN CORPORIS is an international series of Books of Architecture, Art, Philosophy and Urban studies to nourish the Urban Body. UC is an interdisciplinary and international book series that questions urban, cultural and social dynamics to investigate and learn about the contemporary city and its inhabitants. Urban Corporis explores the state of tension between the historical, contemporary and future cities and their many facets, identifying their criticalities and understanding their possible transformations. This book series is not exclusively for architects; it is born to find common ground between disciplines such as fine arts, photography, aesthetics and urban sociology.

URBAN CORPORIS is published by Anteferma, Conegliano, Treviso, Italy.

Urban Corporis X – Unexpected

Urban Corporis "Unexpected”, through different contributions, deals with the changing reality brought by the Sars-Cov2 pandemic. The book presents a series of essays, pointing out different perspectives upon dynamics and relation caused by this situation, underlining how the isolation period has affected both the domestic and the urban sphere, shaping a multifaced interpretation of the changed lives, spaces and routines.

Starting from the emergency provoked by the Sars-Cov2 that affected the whole world, the book brings the contributions of researchers and artists from all over the world discussing the theme of the “unexpected”, its implication and interaction with the everyday life. The book presents a series of essays divided into three parts: Living unexpectedly, Missing interactions and Different sociality. These three categories bring together authors who have had a reading of the unexpected emergency that occurred, pointing out different perspective upon dynamics and relation caused by this situation, underlining how the isolation period has affected both the domestic and the urban sphere. Moreover, through drawings, photomontages and photographs, several authors gave a visual interpretation of the changed lives, spaces and routines. All these contributions don’t want to answer to the enormous problems brought by the pandemic. Rather they synthesize an interpretation of the shifting condition that occurred, showing both the great reactive capacity and the fragility of the no longer present reality.



Urban Corporis X


Mickeal Milocco Borlini, Andrea Califano (ed)

Anteferma Edizioni


Urban Corporis – To the Bones

The second volume of Urban Corporis, titled “To the Bones”, compiles reflections from architects, artists, and scholars who have extensively delved into the fundamental themes of contemporary architecture. By navigating a constant interplay between past and future, memory and innovation, and the realms of the natural, artificial, and virtual, these contributions put forth strategies for architectural, artistic, urban, and landscape projects that resonate with the fundamental principles shaping our built and perceived environment. They advocate for design approaches that synchronise with the foundational elements, referred to as “the bones”, that structure the landscape while promoting forward-thinking considerations.

In the intricate tapestry of urban landscapes and architectural marvels resides an inherent essence that defines their very being: the skeletal structure. This essence, explored in the publication Urban Corporis: To the Bones, delves into the complex array of structures and elements constituting the foundational framework of our buildings, cities, landscapes, and narratives within the realms of theoretical and architectural heritage.
The colloquially employed phrase “to the bones” typically implies a reduction of essential elements. This essence, manifested as a skeletal structure, encapsulates indispensable components crucial for upholding the conceptual fabric of our urban centres and built environments.



Urban Corporis X

To the Bones

Mickeal Milocco Borlini, Andrea Califano, Anna Riciputo (ed)

Anteferma Edizioni


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